The Department of Occupational Therapy of the University of Western Attica is the only department in public higher education that enables students to train excellently in the science and practice of occupational therapy and to obtain the necessary authorities to be active in the clinician, research and/ or research and/ or sector.

The study content of the Department of Occupational Therapy covers the subject of the study of one’s activities/projects, in the fields of self -care, productivity and leisure, detection of dysfunctional elements and specialized occupational therapy for the purpose and adaptive behavior of the individual, so as to achieve successful taking over the functional roles of his life.


The Department of Occupational Therapy has to promote the development and dissemination of the knowledge of the science of Occupational Therapy through teaching and research, and to provide students with the necessary tools that ensure their excellent training for their scientific and professional careers and development.

Undergraduate program

The undergraduate program has been prepared, taking into account the guidelines of the Quality Assurance and Certification Authority in Higher Education (ADIP) and the World Occupational Therapists Organization (WFOT).